Dell PowerEdge FX2
By   |  July 11, 2015

Manufacturers have pushed the concept of converged server quite far, with many benefits. Dell is no exception, with its PowerEdge server FX2 which represents the latest step in terms of integration. And what integration!

The Dell PowerEdge server FX2 is one of the most innovative designs and ingenious that we have met since the introduction of the HP Moonshot concept (already two years ago). With its FX2 platform, Dell houses in a 2U unit computing, storage and network, in addition to hot-swappable cooling and CMC and iDRAC administration interfaces. Its modular build it allows an enterprise to mix and match different modules (blocks) to suit specific needs. It is thus possible to insert up to 4 FM120x4 modules containing 4 servers each (with their own SSD) octal-core Atom-based (up to 128 cores and 32 DIMMs), or up to 4 FC630 modules based on Xeon E5 -2600v3 processors for a total of 144 cores and 96 DIMMs or up to 8 FC480 blocks (224 cores, 64 DIMMs and 16 1.8” SSDs) or up to 3 FD332 storage blocks for a total of 48 SAS or SATA drives. The modules are combined as needed. A real construction set to build a “house” converged system fully shaped to your needs. And all is administered with a user-friendly Web interface.

The architecture of the Dell PowerEdge FX2 represents a significant evolution. It combines the flexibility of a rack module and the density and performance of a blade server. Which combined, gives this architecture unparalleled scalability to match a wide range of needs within the company. The PowerEdge FX2 is however, not intended to replace the range of traditional servers and blades of the manufacturer. It adds to the existing range of products.
The FX2 is available with two rear baskets: the first offer 8 low profile and half-length PCI Express slots, the second is limited to adding additional high performance network connectivity. Along the PowerEdge FX2, Dell has also launched several modules to configure the server.

Modular blocks to create the server adapted to your needs
Several blocks (or modules) are already available. The half-width unit PowerEdge FM120x4 (4760€) is an C2000 Atom-based MicroServer with 2, 4 or 8 cores and optimized for minimal energy consumption. Up to 16 servers housing 4 FM120x4 modules can fit in a FX2 rack, totaling 160 cores and 48 memory locations. A drive slot accommodates a 2.5-inch or two 1.8-inch SSDs.

The PowerEdge FC630 module (5560€) is designed to build a server intended for private cloud solutions and converged data center scenarios. A rack can accommodate up to 4 FX2 FC630 modules for a total of 144 cores and 96 memory locations.

In conclusion
The new generation of converged server Dell PowerEdge FX2 accomplishes the feat of combining high-density blade servers and performance usually found in bulkier servers to concentrate computing power suitable for intensive tasks. The range of available modules will go on increasing, making the PowerEdge architecture FX2 a sustainable investment.

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