Infortrend EonStor DS 3000
By   |  July 07, 2015

Infortrend is a specialized manufacturer in high-performance storage arrays. The EonStor DS 3000 range is divided into models with either one controller (suffix G) or two controllers (suffix R) providing additional redundancy.

Modular design for maximum scalability
With its patented modular design, the EonStor DS arrays 3000 can see their controllers, power and backplanes exchanged in minutes – either in case of failure or in order to reach a higher level of performance. An automatic mechanism research and error self-correction ensures data integrity. The manufacturer has designed its bays with attention to storage capacity control, which includes an integrated thin provisioning mechanism.

A wide range of models
The standard storage array is has 2U height and has twelve 3.5-inch drives. Infortrend offers in each of its DS 3000 lineup 3U arrays / 16 bays and high density 4U arrays with 24, 48 and 60 disk bays. The latest versions of the firmware allows the secure remote replication for disaster recovery purposes and feature an automatic tiering mechanism to enable low response time demanding applications to take advantage of the installed SSD.

Built for speed
Infortrend has taken particular care in the performance of its disk arrays, and boasts transfer rates of up to 5500 MB / sec transfer rate from the cache with 1.3 million IOPS. The performance is also visible in a data reconstruction scenario : a 2U 12-bay unit with 4TB disks is reconstructed in nine hours only. The SANWatch Management Software 3.0 provides visibility on the occupancy of storage areas, and displays continuous performance measures.

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