2016, the year of Artificial Intelligence
By   |  May 10, 2016

Jen-Hsun Huang said that 2016 would be the year af AI and recalled some highlights in the AI field that occurred these last months :

  • ImageNet: Microsoft and Google were able to recognize images better than a human for the first time. Deep networks are now hundreds of layers deep, givingmachines superhuman capabilities
  • Researchers at Berkeley’s AI Lab built Brett – we saw him in the opening video – that was able to teach itself. The “tt” sounds for tedious tasks that it’s able to address, like hanging up clothes.
  • Baidu used one deep-learning network to train in two languages – Mandarin and English
  • Rolling Stone magazine wrote about Deep Learning – maybe it’s first dive into complex science
  • AlphaGo, by Google DeepMind, beat the world’s leading Go champion. When IBM Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov at chess, scientists said it would take a century for that to happen with Go. This has happened in far less time. to do it, AlphaGo played itself millions of times to learn how to beat the greatest living champion.

Jen-Hsun continues : « What this says is computers powered by deep learning can do tasks that we can’t imagine writing software for. Deep Learning isn’t just a field or an app. It’s way bigger than that. So, our company has gone all in for it. Using one general architecture, one general algorithm, we can tackle one problem after another. In the old traditional approach, programs were written by domain experts. Now you have a general deep learning algorithm and all you need lots of data and lots of computing power. »

The artificial intelligence being driven by a new, GPU-powered technology known as deep learning has led to a new generation of apps that put the power of GPUs just a tap away for hundreds of millions of consumers.

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