DDN announced its latest EXAScaler
By   |  October 04, 2016

DataDirect Networks (DDN) announced its latest generation of EXAScaler, the company’s high performance Lustre solution developed with Intel. Aimed for HPC and data-intensive Enterprise environments, EXAScaler 3.0-based solutions combine the industry’s fastest storage platforms for Lustre 3.0 and deliver the world’s most advanced Lustre appliances. Furthermore, the solution comes with full Intel and DDN global support and is simple to install, scale and manage.

DDN confidence in its platform is explained by the fact the company was the developer or lead tester for all the major features in Intel EE for Lustre software 3.0, which is the Lustre core within EXAScaler 3.0. In addition, EXAScaler 3.0 adds unique, DDN exclusive features such as high availability enhancements that significantly improve mean time to data access, metadata scaling, efficient project quotas, and support for the differentiated storage services framework.

“EXAScaler 3.0 raises the bar for Lustre performance and management,” said Laura Shepard, senior director of products and vertical markets, DDN. “As the world’s most experienced Lustre provider, DDN leverages input from a broad installed base and the Lustre community to deliver the most advanced Lustre solutions to our customers around the globe.”

“As a strong supporter of the open source community, DDN actively develops and contributes software features, tools and frameworks to help advance future versions of Lustre,” added Shepard.

To further increase the community interaction on Lustre development tools, management frameworks and performance and scaling development, DDN will be open sourcing a number of projects this fall:

  • A “Lustre Automatic Test System” that will help developers to run regression tests in parallel on hundreds of test nodes;
  • A Lustre monitoring framework platform based on industry standards such as Collectd, elastic search capabilities for NoSQL databases and Hadoop, and visualization on Grafana; and
  • Parallel copy tools and internal Lustre mechanisms that will move and copy data between OSTs and across namespaces more effectively and in parallel.

DataDirect Networks demonstrated EXAScaler 3.0 features and functionalities at LAD16 last week and will present it again at Super Computing in Salt Lake City next month.

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