DDN dominating more than ever in the TOP500
By   |  July 18, 2016

DataDirectNetworks has announced it increased its leadership as the n°1 storage provider for the world’s fastest supercomputers. According to Molly Rector, DDN CMO, with whom we met during Frankfurt’s ISC a few days ago, this claim has now become a rule for the last 8 years. A domination leading the company to power today more than 70% of the sites listed in the last TOP500 ranking (TOP500.org).

For DDN, this amazing long term achievement is the result of being able to provide technology innovations with the highest levels of performance and reliability. A view shared by Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research, who thinks that “with its focus on high-performance, scalable technologies, such as parallel file systems and burst buffer acceleration, DDN is well-positioned to continue to grow, addressing the intensifying demands of traditional HPC users, as well as expanding use cases in high performance business computing.”

This world’s #1 position seems to make the company very confident for the upcoming challenges that will arise not only from the HPC market but also from the hundreds of companies seeing their amount of stored data going through the roof in the last few years. DDN doesn’t look very concerned either by the ambitions of newcomers such as Seagate who has stated their intentions of growing in the HPC market and was arrogantly exhibiting just a couple of booths away during the last ISC.

As storage is one of the critical and fastest growing segments of the HPC industry, DDN seems to have the necessary expertise to face the next big challenges with end-to-end data management solutions delivering efficiency and cost effectiveness. «No other vendor in the HPC storage industry is delivering the complete solutions needed to accelerate next generation scientific discoveries, life-saving advances in medicine and the business insights to become more competitive.”, Rector said.

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