Dropbox finally storing data in Europe
By   |  October 05, 2016

Dropbox is finally answering a long time request from many of its customers: the need for a Europe-based storage. The offer is already available but for beginning it will be reserved to business customers with accounts above 250 users. The idea being to scale the European facility as quickly as possible while answering the greatest identified demand. This is definitely a sign that the European market matters for Dropbox, which makes 75% of its business outside the US (300 of it 400 million customers). According to the company, in the last 2 years the number of business customers in Europe has quadrupled.

An announcement of this European implantation was already made last year and since then Dropbox has been working with its partner Amazon Web Services to set up the infrastructure in Frankfurt, Germany. Beta customers have been testing storing their data in the European facility, and so far Dropbox says that feedback and satisfaction are great.

Claus Jensen, Head of ICT-Operations and Digitalization at Danish municipality, Hillerød Kommune, said: “It is very important for us as a Danish municipality to ensure that our files reside within the EU. With Dropbox Business we now have that option and the migration of both users and data has been completely seamless.”

Before that, Dropbox already had several offices all over European capitals. The company started with Dublin and London, followed by Paris and more recently Amsterdam and Hamburg. To take the French example, Dropbox cloud is already used by top companies like BlaBlaCar, Lagardère Active and Pernod Ricard and communication agencies like Havas Paris and Castor & Pollux. With nearly 25% of internet users having a Dropbox account (13 million users), the company is surfing on the “Bring Your Own Cloud” (individuals using their personal cloud account for personal use) tendency to get rapidly into companies across the country.

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