New SanDisk PCIe accelerators
By   |  June 27, 2015

Available in capacities from 1 to 6.4 TB, the new Fusion IO cards improve the price / performance by a factor of 4 and multiply the capacity by 2

Designed for Big Data and Cloud Computing infrastructure, the new generation of PCIe Fusion IO Memory accelerators SanDisk integrate NAND flash memory and access acceleration software on virtual data storage layer (VSL). According to the manufacturer, the price / performance ratio is improved by a factor of 4 with a reduced price of 61% from the previous Fusion IO Drive 2 generation.

According to John Scaramuzzo, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Storage Solutions at SanDisk, “At launch 8 years ago, the Fusion IO technology has fundamentally changed the expectations of data center performance and remains the reference for all other PCIe products by combining powerful technology Fusion IO Memory to SanDisk’s vertical integration strategy in the NAND flash memory.” This offer supports the conclusions of a recent report from Gartner that “given the proliferation of virtual servers, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and computer memory applications, to which is added the use essential analytical tools in real time, we have identified a growing interest in PCIe technology ”

Accelerate the recovery of applications
By streamlining access to data, the new Fusion IO Memory cards increase performance of Microsoft SQL databases, Oracle and MySQL, but also new database technologies like Spark, Redis and MongoDB.

The application accelerators Fusion IO Memory portfolio include the following references:

  • SX350 and SX300 Series – with a capacity of 1.25 to 6.4 TB, these cards are designed for mixed read / write workloads such as virtualization, databases, business intelligence (BI ) and real-time financial data processing; intensive reading, such as web hosting, data mining, processing of seismic data, caching of content, 3D animation and CAD / CAM.
  • PX600 Series – with a capacity of between 1 and 5.2 TB, the PX600 Series is designed for workloads in mixed use, such as virtualization, databases, business intelligence (BI) and treatment financial data in real time.
  • Mezzanine Series – available on the latest HP Blade System, Gen9 and Gen8 servers, and new UCS B-Series blade servers from Cisco.
  • FlashSoft Offers – New offerings combine the advantages of Fusion ioMemory flash devices and setting FlashSoft caching software regardless of the architecture or the storage operating system.

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