NVIDIA Jetson TK1 available in Europe
By   |  May 13, 2014

NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang having announced it during his keynote at the GPU Technology Conference, the Jetson TK1 Developer Kit which integrates the Tegra K1 mobile processor, is now available for pre-order in Europe via SECO.

As promised, the SoC features a 192-core Kepler GPU, with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 32-bit version only, but while we were unable to get confirmation of the availability of the 64-bit version processor at the time of this publication, the SECO communiqué indicates that this card is pin to pin compatible with ARMv8. To take advantage of this board dedicated to the mobile and embedded markets, you can do so with no programming constraint since it is fully CUDA-compatible. Do not, however, expect excessive performance. For single precision, it’s capped at 326 Gflops, whereas for double precision, a post on the NVIDIA Developer Zone site estimates them at 1/24th or 13 Gflops. But who said that all mobile and embedded applications need 64 bits to calculate?

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