OCZ Intrepid 3700 Series Delivers Superior Sustained Performance for Enterprise IT / Hyperscale Environments and Cloud Service Providers
By   |  July 15, 2015

OCZ Storage Solutions announced a new series of SATA III SSDs to add to its Intrepid 3000 enterprise portfolio. The new Intrepid 3700 SSD Series delivers superior performance and I/O latency responses that dramatically improve application performance and I/O efficiencies, and supports higher storage densities up to 2TB representing OCZ’s largest capacity enterprise SATA SSDs to date.

“Datacenter customers have asked for larger solid state drives that do not make any sacrifices in performance or endurance to address the need to manage the ever growing amounts of data being generated by today’s computing environments,” said Daryl Lang, CTO at OCZ Storage Solutions. “Our new Intrepid 3700 Series is designed to meet these market requirements for an easy to deploy solid state solution that delivers the very best balance of features, endurance, and capacity.”

The Intrepid 3700 Series is available in four models supporting 240GB, 480GB, 960GB and 1,920GB usable storage capacities and utilizes the latest Toshiba A19nm NAND flash. Each model is driven by OCZ’s Everest 2 controller platform which includes an optimized firmware architecture and advanced flash management that efficiently manages all housekeeping routines (such as garbage collection and wear-leveling) which enables the Intrepid 3700 Series SSDs to maintain performance over the long term. In a steady state condition the Intrepid 3700 series delivers excellent performance for both large block sequential operations, as well as small block random operations. This includes up to 540 MB/s for sequential reads (128KB blocks), 470 MB/s for sequential writes (128KB blocks), 91,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS) for random reads (4KB blocks) and 13,000 IOPS for random writes (4KB blocks).

The Intrepid 3700 Series supports the industry standard 2.5-inch form factor, utilizes premium NAND flash, and guarantees up to one complete DWPD for 5 years. It is ideally suited for such read-intensive applications as online archiving, media streaming, video on demand (VOD), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and web browsing applications, to name a few. All Intrepid 3700 Series models will be available through OCZ’s global channel of authorized enterprise solution resellers. More information on the Intrepid 3700 Series can be accessed at www.ocz.com/enterprise.

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