Hybrid FORTRAN gets a major update
By   |  December 17, 2014

Hybrid FORTRAN – of which we recently published an extensive presentation – has gotten an important update, pushing it to version 0.93. This update sports a few features that will undoubtedly be of interest to many HPC developers. Among the most notable:

• An OpenACC backend implementation – This allows you to switch between CUDA FORTRAN and OpenACC implementations without the need to change your user code, it’s all just one flag from the HF user point of view. Additionally, the OpenACC backend allows having multiple parallel regions per subroutine.

• Module data handling – Hybrid FORTRAN can now take care of moving your imported module data to and from the device, allowing for much easier porting of larger applications.

• A revamped documentation.

As always, this update is all available Open Source at http://github.com/muellermichel/Hybrid-Fortran.

And for those who missed the previous episodes, Hybrid FORTRAN is a FORTRAN language extension and code transformation framework to create performance portable, GPU and CPU parallel HPC applications. It is being developed since 2012 at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

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