OCZ Saber 1000 960Gb
By   |  July 20, 2015

The Saber 1000 is an enterprise-class SSDs designed for data-intensive applications handling large volumes of data as part of a HyperScale, Web and cloud hosting deployment duties. OCZ developed the 1000 Saber to eliminate input / output bottlenecks in enterprise and datacenter infrastructures.

Consistent performance
As the number of ever-growing dynamic application workloads increase significantly within the enterprise, the performance of storage resources become more important. SSDs are part of accelerators capable of providing known and predictable performance for standard applications. OCZ has designed the SSD to address this issue and thus be able to reduce the data read queue and thus help improve widely distributed application responsiveness.

A consistent architecture
Technically, the 1000 Saber uses 19nm technology NAND flash from Toshiba, its parent company, coupled with its in-house Barefoot 3 controller. OCZ has taken great care to incorporate flash memory and controller in order to preserve the architectural coherence and deliver a sustained data rate. The result is a fairly balanced performance of 550 MB / s read and 448 MB / s write. OCZ has specifically designed the Saber 1000 for read-intensive applications. Thus this drive data rate delivers results that show how it favors read operations: 91000 IOPS (read) against 16,000 IOPS (write). A 65% (read) by 35% (write) workload averages 33000 IOPS. A score that meets the requirements of enterprise applications and hyperscale workloads like databases and web hosting.

Power cut protection
The Saber 1000 incorporates PFM + (Power Failure Management +) which in the case of a sudden power failure, powers the SSD for a period sufficient to preserve the integrity of data. PFM+ is based on a 16-byte log file containing the last instructions to perform in order to avoid corruption associated metadata. Once power is restored, the SSD resumes its duty.

A wide range of uses
The Saber 1000 Series, available in capacities of 120, 240, 480 and 960 GB, is suitable for read-intensive applications, such as caching, reading and indexing databases, video on demand, VDI environments, multimedia streaming, web server front end, cloud infrastructure, online archiving, CRM and ECM applications, where read performance is crucial in these environments. In terms of consumption, the SSD consumes only 3.7 watts in operation, a criterion to consider for reducing energy requirements and adding savings due to reduced cooling requirements.

A managed SSD
OCZ developed StoragePeak 1000, a centralized management and administration tool for monitoring SSDs deployed in the enterprise or datacenter infrastructure from a single web interface. StoragePeak 1000 connects to Windows and Linux Pcs and servers and integrates an alert mechanism. The warranty period of the Saber 1000 is 5 years.

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