Atlantis Computing slashes flash storage prices
By   |  June 22, 2015

Atlantis Computing is an American company who arrives in Europe, specializing in sflash storage appliances and which has just launched a fully converged flash appliance announced at a cost up to 90% lower than the rates currently available. And with four renowned partners to accompany it.

Designed for medium-sized companies, Atlantis’ HyperScale is an hyperconverged appliance, meaning it pre-integrates a storage management layer defined by the company’s patented software on any server at one of the four HP launch partners , Cisco, Lenovo or SuperMicro, and equipped with Intel Xeon or Intel SSD processors, and all VMware or Citrix hypervisor.

“Medium-sized businesses need an extremely rapid economic storage, proposed by a provider of computer equipment, they know and trust. HyperScale Atlantis is the first ready-to-run appliance to integrate flash storage at less than half the current cost, “says Chetan Venkatesh, founder and CEO of Atlantis.

Built on Atlantis USX, the SDS platform of the company, the CX-12 SuperMicro-based appliance offers 12 Terabytes and is sold at a record price of 78000 dollars, way lower than the competing alternatives from Nutanix or Simplivity. An appliance has 4 blade servers, each with two Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3 processors, 256 or 512GB SSD memory and 16 400 GB modules (16 x 800 GB for the CX-24 version of 24 TB). All versions include two standard 10GbE ports.

The advantages put forward by the manufacturer are:

All-flash performance: Atlantis HyperScale performs deduplication memory before the data is written to storage, which minimizes latency, delivers high performance in terms of IOs and reduces traffic on the storage network.

A revolutionary cost: The hyper-converged appliances Atlantis HyperScale reduce costs using its IO acceleration technology and data reduction to reduce the amount of physical memory and flash memory needed by local TB of storage capacity.

Freedom of choice: Atlantis HyperScale gives companies the freedom to use their preferred server platforms and hypervisors, eliminating the complexity and additional investments in training, time and tools.

Modular Scalability: Atlantis HyperScale allows companies to scale their storage as and extent of the growth of their IT resources, rather than buy large expensive storage arrays and with limited performance.

Although little known in Europe yet, Atlantis Computing has more than 800 customers in its portfolio and the equivalent of 40 Petabytes of storage deployed. The support (three-year onsite intervention in less than 4 hours) is performed by Atlantis, even on HP, Supermicro, Cisco and Lenovo servers.

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