Nutanix: innovate to simplify
By   |  August 29, 2015

While visiting the French subsidiary in Paris, the CEO and founder of Nutanix, Dheeraj Pandey, exposed the strategy of its company. Betting very early on the double concept of hyperconvergence and scalability the company has remained at the forefront of a technological turnpoint able to change the world of enterprises and datacenters.

Being a precursor, there are two options: failure or success. By betting well before the rest of the industry on a hyperconverged approach, Dheeraj Pandey took the best chance. A positive sign was the global partnership signed in June 2014 with Dell, giving it a Web Scale offering based on Nutanix’s technology. A recognition signal strong enough for the entire industry, which has enabled Nutanix to raise $ 145 million last September. The rate of adoption of Nutanix appliances has seen an ever growing trend, hundreds of companies worldwide investing in Nutanix appliances. In France, many CAC40 (equivalent to the Fortune 500) companies such as Accor and Total have chosen to invest in this mature and promising technology. 45% of Nutanix global sales are sealed outside of the United States, the European Union being the most fast-adopting region.

An open approach
The open and hyperconverged approach adopted by Nutanix is consistent with a clear strategy and on which Dheeraj Pandey insists, that offers the best in what has become Nutanix’s specialty. As a new contender with its range of EVO:RAIL appliances, VMware offers the equivalent to Nutanix’s appliance. While discussing VMware’s closed architecture opposed to Nutanix’s, Pandey insisted that he has no plans on developing a homegrown hypervisor, arguing that it would not fit within its strategy, and confessing “to have no inclination to compete with existing hypervisors on the market that do the job very well, “.
Four trends for the future

Dheeraj Pandey summarizes Nutanix strategy for the months and years ahead, around four pillars: hyperconvergence, full flash, the public Cloud and DevOps. With an ambitious goal: to reinvent the data center of the future. A software defined strategy of which Nutanix became the specialist and whose prime objective is to support and conceal the underlying technicalities in order to simplify the vision of the operational framework for CIOs. This does not mean that Nutanix claims to have the only answer to all infrastructure needs, and emphasizes the seamless interoperability with existing storage systems and the cloud.

What’s in store for the future ?
As a noted precursor, Pandey has lifted the veil of some ongoing developments, like integrating Machine Learning algorithms into their solutions. With a comprehensible and immediate benefit: collect and analyze data from thousands of operating parameters to achieve a predictive failure detection. According to Dheeraj Pandey, other announcements should be unveiled at the annual conference of the manufacturer to be held in June in Miami, including the possibility of a partnership with Docker and the announcement of new OEM partners.

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