8×8 and Regus Expand Global Cloud Communications Partnership
HPC Today  |  Wire  |  May 18, 2017
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World’s Largest Provider of Flexible Workspaces Expands its Deployment of 8×8 Cloud Communications Services to 17 Countries

8×8 Inc., the world’s first Communications Cloud, today announced that it has agreed with IWG plc (formerly Regus), the world’s largest provider of flexible workspaces, to expand the companies’ existing contract for cloud-based unified communications (UC) services to add 13 new countries and a broader range of service options for Regus customers. 8×8 currently provides UC services to Regus office centers in four countries, for use by on-site customers and employees, as well as remote workers in those regions. The companies have also agreed to extend the term of their contract to 2020.

To date, 8×8 has deployed approximately 20,000 UC seats to select Regus office centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. The new agreement provides a framework to accelerate the deployment of office centers in these countries, to launch services in 13 new countries, and to offer Regus clients the ability to layer additional communications, collaboration and contact center services on top of the basic UC service offering. Under a separate project, 8×8 also currently provides Virtual Contact Center services to Regus contact center agents in roughly 100 countries across six continents.

“Having recently completed a comprehensive review of the latest trends, advancements and providers in the cloud communications industry, we have selected 8×8 as our preferred global partner for migrating the users in these additional markets to next generation communications,” said Andre Sharpe, Chief Information Officer and Head of Global Business Development for Regus. “We want to provide our hundreds of thousands of business customers that currently utilize our traditional on-premises voice services with access to the most reliable and advanced cloud-based communications services available, including mobile apps, messaging, web and video conferencing, collaboration and contact center. 8×8’s services have been instrumental thus far in advancing our global communications and contact center initiatives, and we are pleased to extend our partnership for this next phase of our deployments.”

“Regus’ commitment to workplace flexibility is bolstered by the capabilities of the 8×8 Communications Cloud,” said Bryan Martin, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of 8×8, Inc. “The combination of our open cloud platform with Regus’ information services and systems will enable automated, on-demand services to Regus clients worldwide. We look forward to our continued partnership and shared vision with Regus to enable their clients to truly realize the benefits of flexible work and to ensure they have access to the most advanced communications, collaboration, mobility, contact center and analytics services.”

Source: 8×8 Inc.
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