ESG Validates One-Hour Recovery of Data Centers with Axcient Fusion
HPC Today  |  Wire  |  November 21, 2016
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New Report Proves Axcient a Standout Among DRaaS Solutions

Axcient, the industry-recognized leader in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), today announced that leading IT research, analysis and strategy firm, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), published an ESG Lab Review that documents the speed and agility of Axcient’s DRaaS solution, Fusion. The report, “Cloud-Converged Resilience from Axcient Fusion,” audited real-world POC data and extensively reviewed Axcient performance testing. The report validated that Fusion can help customers realize the full benefits of the cloud by incorporating data reduction, network resource management, scheduling and cloud usability features required to deliver business-class cloud resilience services.

“Disaster Recovery as a Service is among the most compelling and common sense ways to embrace the cloud as part of your broader data protection strategy,” said Jason Buffington, ESG Principal Analyst. “It isn’t enough to simply replicate VMs to a cloud; organizations have to be thinking about efficiency in ongoing data protection, workflow orchestration for recovery and ensured network connectivity in order to resume business functionality. These, along with ease of use, are the foundations of what Axcient delivers as tested by ESG Lab. Axcient remains one to watch as DRaaS adoption continues in mainstream IT.”

ESG conducted four independent tests to calculate the recovery time for 95 virtual machines, where recovery indicated that the VM was running and accessible in the Axcient Cloud. In order to mimic a real-world scenario, the test environment consisted of a variety of Windows-based applications of various sizes. On average, virtual machines recovered in the cloud in just 49 minutes. In contrast to other DRaaS solutions that rely on manual network and application configuration processes following a disaster, Fusion’s Runbooks automate these steps, resulting in significantly shorter recovery times.

In addition to rapid recovery times, other notable results include:

• Data reduction of 79 percent for initial data transfer to the Axcient Cloud
• Incremental transfer reduced the amount of data required for protection by 97 percent
• Average incremental transfer duration was four minutes and 45 seconds

“IT organizations are under pressure to both keep the lights on and to drive business forward with customer-facing initiatives,” said Axcient CEO Justin Moore. “Fusion is designed to help IT do more with less. Our single cloud-converged solution protects data, enables disaster recovery and business continuity, and allows for testing, development and archiving. ESG’s new report validates that businesses can protect their applications and data with enterprise-grade RTOs and RPOs without the overhead and complexity of legacy, on-premises solutions.”

Axcient Fusion is designed to reduce overall IT complexity and spend by consolidating legacy resilience and agility solutions into a single cloud-converged platform. Fusion enables businesses to spin up functional, up-to-date copies of production software and entire servers, and lets businesses get back online within an hour.

Source: Axcient
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