Fujitsu Network Solutions Selects Relay2 to Power Entry Into Edge Computing Market
HPC Today  |  Wire  |  May 18, 2017
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Relay2, a leading provider of cloud-controlled WiFi solutions, today announced that it has signed a master distribution agreement with Fujitsu Network Solutions Limited (FNETS). FNETS will leverage Relay2’s next-generation Cloud WiFi integrated Edge Computing Platform to enhance the growth of their edge computing business in the Japanese market.

At the core of the Relay2 Service Delivery Platform are the innovative Cloud-controlled Service Ready Access Points which can incorporate up to a quad-core processor, solid-state storage, advanced caching technology, and enterprise-class WiFi. The associated APIs and SDK combined with on-board container framework form a powerful open platform that enables developers to rapidly build and deploy vertical business applications and services that utilize the core resources on the Service Ready Access Points at the edge of the network. Relay2’s web-based Cloud Manager enables service providers and venue operators to centrally manage applications, services, and WiFi networks wherever the Service Ready Access Points have been deployed, whether they are in the same building, across a campus, or across the country.

Key Benefits of the Relay2 Next-Generation Cloud WiFi integrated edge computing Platform

  • Pushes applications and processing to the network edge to deliver low latency for critical Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications;
  • Allows resources to be readily stored on and accessed from the Service Ready Access Points, increasing performance and reducing the need for backhaul access;
  • Processing at the network edge allows applications to run at high speeds, regardless of the performance of the end-user device.

The rapid growth in the number of devices that are connected to the network introduces exponential increases in data traffic on the Internet, creating delays in communication and data handling between devices and the Internet. The amount of data that is transferred between the device and the Cloud can be vastly reduced by pushing the processing of applications, such as real-time services and big data analysis, to the edge of the network. According to Fujitsu Network Solutions Limited, Relay2’s system delivers this capability on an advanced WiFi platform that delivers high capacity, high-speed communication, low latency, and the ability to simultaneously connect to multiple devices.

“We are excited that Fujitsu Network Solutions has selected our platform as the one that will help them make a full-scale entry into the edge computing market in Japan,” explained Eric Chen, President of Relay2. “For nearly 30 years, they have specialized in network services and have built a strong reputation in the industry. We’re thrilled that they have chosen Relay2 as a key solution for implementation today to address the network challenges of tomorrow.”

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Source: Relay2, Inc.
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