HP ConvergedSystem 240 HC StoreVirtual
By   |  June 16, 2015

Throughout its adoption, virtualization brings profound changes in the infrastructure of companies facing problems of development, consolidation and replacement of their IT. Hyperconvergent systems are one answer to these questions and can help companies simplify their IT operations. This is the target of HP’s ConvergedSystem server 200-HC. It integrates in a single 2U rack a storage solution defined by software, monitoring tools and integration with VMware to create a fully virtualized environment and ready to use. The guiding principle of this solution is to be simple and open. It integrates HP OneView InstantOn technology, HP OneView for VMware vCenter and HP VSA StoreVirtual to ensure simple installation, full control and high availability storage servers.

An hyperconverged offer for simplicity
This offer is intended for midsize businesses, remote offices and, more generally, IT organizations wishing to adopt a modular approach to their IT infrastructure. Besides a unified management through vCenter hp OneView, the HC 240 ConvergedSystem StoreVirtual solution facilitates the implementation of a disaster recovery plan by providing network and storage redundancy. The integration within a single appliance ensures optimal response times in VDI environments to provide a fast start time and rapid response for virtualized workloads, adapted to the strong demand of the activity, as well as a simplified management and high availability of applications.

(Almost) no experience required
Operational efficiency of the platform is the result of the convergence of StoreVirtual HP management tools, HP ProLiant servers and HP OneView and VMware vSphere. The skills and time required to manage separate servers, hypervisors, network and storage can discourage companies not yet equipped or unaware of the benefits of virtualization. These constraints are very much reduced in the case of the HC-240, a system designed to simplify the control of a virtual infrastructure and also to set up applications and virtual desktops. With OneView HP InstantOn, virtual machines can be deployed in minutes. Even better, the feature set is usable by IT staff even without advanced experience in storage. As Nariman Teymourian highlights, vice president and general manager of Converged Systems, HP, “Small and medium enterprises are looking for ways to streamline its IT operations and deliver applications and services faster. HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual enables businesses to accelerate response time and realize business opportunities. ”

A preconfigured and preinstalled server in under 15 minutes!
HP ConvergedSystem StoreVirtual HC-200 is a fully preconfigured and preinstalled cluster. To implement just type an IP address, the identification data and VMware vSphere license numbers. Once this is done, the system is ready. The promise of the manufacturer of a period of start-up less than 15 minutes is respected.

Seamless VMware intergation
To simplify administration, users can use HP VMware vCenter OneView for offering centralized server management, storage and virtual machines from VMware vCenter Server. This guarantees a single management interface without special knowledge in terms of servers, storage, networking and virtualization. Once the server is running, the administrator can provision virtual machines directly from the VMware vCenter Server, manage hyper-converged and traditional systems of netwo from a single console to OneView HP VMware vCenter, replicating a system hyper- converge or combine it with a server to get a recovery system flexible disaster, or optionally use VMware vRealize Operations to monitor the status of all items.

A cluster of cluster for scalability purposes
The HC-200 server is itself a 4-node cluster, it may itself be grouped into a super 32 node cluster to expand the capacity and performance of the whole. These multiple clusters are managed from a single console. In addition, each additional system adds power and storage volume of four independent servers consolidated into one 2U chassis.

The HC-200 ConvergedSystem StoreVirtual keeps its promises and is characterized by a centralized administration regardless of the number of nodes and virtual machines and the ability to keep applications online without interruption. Add to this the possibility of migration or replication of data volumes, again without interruption, including x86 servers to even non converged long as they run any application and hypervisor along with hp’s Storevirtual VSA. HP’s ConvergedSystem HC-240 is available in two versions: with 512 GB of memory, 24 SAS 2.5-inch or 1.2 TB with 1 TB of hybrid memory, 16 disk 2; 5-inch SAS 1.2TB 8 and 400 GB SSD.

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