PGI compilers: the 2014 collection has arrived!
By   |  March 12, 2014

The latest versions of the PGI development tools (which have been under the NVIDIA banner since last year) are revealing some interesting new features. In addition to the anticipated support for the Tesla K40 accelerator with version 2.0 of the OpenACC instruction set, PGI is also opening OpenACC up to AMD’s APUs and Radeon discrete GPUs. Those who were worried about the publisher’s independence after the buyout can lay their fears to rest! Another noteworthy advancement is the interoperability of the CUDA Fortran and OpenACC version with the Allinea DDT debugger. Lastly, our readers who develop on the Mac will be pleased to find a now free version of the Fortran 2003 and C99 compilers for that platform.

This 2014 crop is thus improving the portability of code to various acceleration platforms, a specialty that PGI shares with the CAPS OpenACC compiler which, for its part, also supports Intel’s Xeon Phi. It also allows everyone to benefit from OpenACC 2.0’s important advancements, namely global and dynamic data management. For more information on this last topic, essential to code acceleration, feel free to refer to two in-depth articles which your favorite publication has just devoted to the subject.

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